If you let me turn your world around
Nothing like we've ever been
I'll keep you off the ground
Would you like to turn this all around?
Alter our reality. You can lift me off the ground

I never meant to let this go & I should've let you know

You make me fall like I've never fell - hard
It's been so long since we first part
You make me fall hard since we first spark

Now that you know this when will you come back around?
To this place where we've never been
Where we'll be high off the ground

I could never thought I would fall this hard

If I could see it coming
I would've warned the crowd
For once I might be doing something
For once I'm doing something right this time

I'd be looking my best tonight
Because I might start a fight
I'd be looking my best tonight
In case I have to start a fight

Crime is only a crime
The only rule is not to get caught
'Cause a war is only a war
Till you fight the battle and won

They said I should stop running now
Or I'm just gonna hit the ground, fall back down, but this time

Show me what I could barely see
Before the smoke turns no longer thin
Somethings are never what they seem
Just like what you and I used to be

Something about us kept me coming back
We're coming undone
Got me upside down
Something about us kept me coming back
Can't turn it around
I'm losing my mind

Now speak for I can only hear
How I wish this could end differently
Things are never what they seem
But your every word tell me everything

Over again, all over again
I'm trying so hard to forget
Over again, all over again
It's something I'd like to forget

This could never end.
You got me hanging by a thread.

Feel the warmth of my hands baby
It's all gone because of you
Iced just like a stone
I warned you
Strike two now it's on you

I caught it with my own hands
The ones you used to hold on to

You can't see anyone else but you

Holding by the thinnest strings
I hold on to what I knew
Comes with all the consequences
Just spit it out now, won't you

Take everything I have now, won't you?
Cause you can never ever get enough of you

You can't see anyone else but you

Dim as nightfall ought to be
Got to let it unfold
You got to let it go

You should never be alone
You should never be alone with me
You should never

Chase me down every road that I'm taking
You'll only change me
You change me
Don't change me

Hear all whisper's screaming
Strip off all of my coats
I'm all unravelled, so

Got an empire to build
Redintegrate me and see
Got yourself down to your knees
and it gets better from here
I'm in character for this
If I'm the gun, fire me
I'm all you want me to be
Better keep all eyes on me

Cope with me
Don't you come for, come to me
Cope with me
Don't you come for, come to me

Tame me
Don't hold me down
Take me
Take me now
Help me
Don't go
Take me
Take me now

Rayssa Dynta is an electronic-pop singer-songwriter from Jakarta, Indonesia. She began playing music in her early years and started writing songs in 2007. Out of curiosity, Rayssa exposed herself to numerous musical genres that inspire her to go in the direction she is going now as a musician. In 2013, she started performing and has been persistent in creating her own sound ever since.

The singer remarked that music is the most consistent element of hers. She sees music as her medium to preserve perspectives as well as to communicate emotions that she believes to be mutual between herself and her audience. This can be seen on how each of her songs contains different stories and characters.

Her released works include Call on U (feat. Rayssa Dynta) by Emir Hermono, Drown Me (feat. Rayssa) by Arrio, and Rationale (feat. Rayssa) by Artificial. Finally found the sound that suits her, Rayssa Dynta released Prolog EP under Double Deer Music.

'Prolog' from the word prologue is the Debut EP of Rayssa Dynta. In the making of Prolog, Rayssa really took time in showcasing both her writing and music. In 'Something About Us', the singer lets her pop background show through. Working with producer Arrio, Rayssa tries to bring up different moods. She puts together a swirling track 'Spark' in which she fell hard and a rather dim one that is 'Be Alone (With Me)'. The track 'Best Tonight', with its evolving emotions, offers a much needed beat yet 'Hands' lets you in on a much softer sound.

Photography by Farah Shafia
Text by Rayssa Dynta